Bud’s Tyres is excited to offer our customers free tyre checks Gold Coast. Our Burleigh Heads location is perfect for a quick stopover to check if your tyres are safe. This offer applies to anyone, not just our existing customers. Our experts will check your tread depth and tyre pressure in-store, completely free of charge. We can further advise you on a suitable tyre for your next trip in-store, give an estimate on the life of your current tyres and answer any questions you may have. This will help you with any future tyre servicing decisions.

Tread Depth

A systematic safety tyre check incorporates checking tyre tread depth. We believe this is the most important action to take in ensuring your safety, and the safety of your passengers. You should check this regularly, every 14 days to 30 days, particularly before a road trip or long drive.

Tread depth is the measurement from the highest point of the tyres rubber, vertical to the deepest groove of the rubber. This can be measured with a ruler or object such as a coin, however, we recommend you measure this with a tyre tread depth gauge.

Tyre Pressure

Tyre inflation directly influences tyre performance and should be checked habitually. We invite you to come in and ask as many questions and we can provide further explanations on your service. You must check your tyre pressure (commonly known as PSI) regularly otherwise your car may be extremely unsafe to drive. Neglect may influence steering response, economy, and durability. Maintaining your tyres ensures even tyre wear, grip and handling, comfort, and directional stability.

Future Tyre Services

Customers are always welcome in-store for a friendly chat for all things tyres. Looking for advice the internet just cannot quite provide? Come and talk to our team of tyre experts. We can advise you on the right tyre for your vehicle so you can prepare your future budget and get an estimate on when you may need new tyres.

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