When was the last time your tyres were rotated and balanced? We can all agree car maintenance is a little bit too much effort sometimes. Should you just do the bare minimum and hope for the best? The answer is no.

Whilst a tyre rotation or wheel balance may not be as crucial as checking your oil or visiting the petrol station they are important if you want your tyres to last. It is notable the little efforts or lack of you can make throughout the lifecycle of a tyre that ultimately determine when they need to be replaced. It is quite simple. Look after your tyre with safety in mind and save money in the long run.

What is a car tyre rotation?

A car tyre rotation aims to even out the wear on your tyres. Often front tyres will get worn out quicker than the rear. A common rotation pattern is to swap the front and rear tyres, therefore providing a longer life to your set of tyres. A rotation generally will take place every 5,000kms or when uneven tread patterns emerge. Follow this link for a great informational video on tyre rotation.

What is wheel balancing?

Distribution of weight can change as tyres wear. A little bit of rubber wear may not seem like much but you would be surprised of the difference it can make in rotating smoothly. A slight difference will cause enough momentum to create a vibration when driving. Wheel/tyre balancing can correct this.

If you have noticed your vehicle vibrating, suspension damage or excessive tyre wear this could mean you need a wheel balance. The process involves mounting tyres and wheels onto a balancing machine and measuring the imbalance as the tyre is spinning. We then install the correct weights to correct the imbalance. When a tyre gets fitted it needs to be balanced onto the wheel as wheels and tyres are never exactly the same weight. These imbalances could be due to a slight deviation or valve. At Bud’s Tyres all tyres are fitted and balanced for free with every tyre purchase.

Do you need a wheel alignment, balance and rotation?

Wheel alignment, balance and rotation sound all too similar. However, they are quite different but generally speak to the same end goal: tyre wear and safety. You may be lucky and won’t require a certain service however it is very unlikely over the life of your tyres. If your wheels are out of alignment it counteracts the effort you may have put into balancing or rotating your tyres. The reality is you probably need to address all services at some point, luckily they aren’t very pricey. We often recommend getting a wheel alignment when purchasing new tyres. Our team will be able to help you out with what you need and what you can hold off on.

Are they important?

They are important and essential to proper tyre maintenance. When tyres aren’t maintained it will cost you money in the long run and more importantly, put you and your passengers at risk.

How often should I get these done?

When purchasing tyres from us, they will be fitted and balanced for free. Your tyres must be balanced when installing new tyres on your vehicle. They also must be balanced when rotating your tyres.

Tyre rotation should generally be done every 10,000 km or when there is noticeable wear on one tyre/s than their opposites.

Wheel alignments should be done every 2 – 3 years.

Still unsure? Drop by the Bud’s Tyres store in Burleigh Heads for your free tyre safety check today!

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