How to Avoid a Flat Tyre?

Too often a flat tyre is considered inevitable. It could happen at any time, anywhere. The question becomes, how to avoid a flat tyre when you cannot control it? Sure… there are anomalies waiting upon your daily route such as exposure to a pothole or, but these things are highly unlikely on our Gold Coast roads.

What you can do:

Our number one tip: keep your eye on the road. Hitting the curb, running over a pothole or exposure to road debris becomes a possibility if you are not paying attention. Always watching the road ahead will ensure you can navigate to your destination safely, without the hassle of a flat.

Check your spare. You might find yourself driving on your spare, following a flat tyre… and it pops! This is a common occurrence with spare tyres as they may be too old or not regularly checked. You should check the spare tyre pressure at least once a month.

Tyre pressure should be checked regularly. We recommend checking with a tyre pressure gauge every few weeks. Successively, tyres should be inflated at the right pressure based on your vehicle’s requirements. Heavy loads can also cause a flat. You could inflate your tyres just that little bit extra to help with the load. Be careful not to over-pump.

Rotate your tyres and monitor uneven wear. You should rotate your tyres under the influence of your mechanic. If you are noticing uneven wear on one or two of your tyres it might be time to bring your car in. This can stretch out the life of your tyres and prevent a flat from tyre wear.

Avoid road construction or poor road conditions. By taking a few extra minutes out of your day to steer clear of a compromised road surface, it might save you hours. If you are soon due for a new set of tyres, this might be a particularly good idea.

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