If you have ever made an insurance claim you will know most companies, try just about anything avoid a payout. Insurance claims and bald tyres are no anomaly to the terms and conditions of your policy. The safety of your vehicle is heavily examined, including any damage to your tyres.

While there is a long list of reasons your insurance company can reject your claim, driver and passenger safety is your number one responsibility. Failure to meet vehicle safety guidelines, outlined by your insurance, can leave you out of pocket. Driving under the influence, car modification, restricted drivers and driving around unregistered or without a roadworthy vehicle will ensure claim rejection. You may feel submitting a standard claim will be seamless and conclusive. However, you may not have considered the tread depth of your tyres, PSI or further damage. Mechanical issues and lack of servicing are another hidden reason as to why your claim may be rejected.

Unroadworthy tyres account for many crashes, particularly in wet weather. Insurance claims assessors are the experts and know exactly what to look for to reject a claim. They will consider your driving conditions and inspect your vehicle to come up with a calculated reason as to why you may have crashed. Here is a great example of claim rejection.

No insurance claim is conclusive. While you may think your car is roadworthy, the hidden terms and conditions and deceptive wording of your policy may leave a door open for trivial safety concerns. So, why it may not be your tyres that cause a crash, too often they do. Therefore, it is crucial to periodically check your tread depth, PSI and overall tyre quality. It is also important to visit your mechanic for your scheduled service and raise any concerns about driving quality. Check out our previous blog post here on Australian legislation and safety requirements.

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