Fuel Efficiency and TyresThe price of fuel is rapidly increasing. What is the relationship between fuel efficiency and tyres? Secondly, what can you do to ensure your vehicle is consuming less fuel?

Mechanics and tyre service professionals often talk about fuel efficiency when presenting a product. You may be left wondering what difference vehicle components really make? You may find most television car dealership advertisements presents you with the idea of fuel economy. But what is this really?

Fuel Economy

Essentially fuel economy refers to the distance travelled and required fuel. Therefore, vehicle fuel economy is measured by litres of fuel per 100 km of travel. Several methods exist to evaluate fuel economy. Fuel economy and emission control are the most important challenges the automotive industry faces today.(Qianfan Xin, 2013) There are a number of variables that weaken your vehicles fuel economy. Vehicle maintenance and lack of is a dominating reason as to why your fuel economy is compromised.


Your vehicle is associated with a certain fuel efficiency or rating. However, this is variable depending on an number of factors. Your choice of tyre can save fuel. So, you may be unaware that tyres having a rating for efficiency. It is important to let us know what you are looking for in a tyre. You can also ask about efficiency and the associated rating. For example, a tyre optimised for mileage could save you cash in the long run.

Sustainability is aligns with the total running costs of your vehicle. So, less fuel means less CO2 emissions. By purchasing an eco-friendly tyre, your rolling resistance is reduced by the materials of your tyre.

Furthermore, other factors that can compromise fuel efficiency are tyre inflation, worn tyres, uneven tread wear, driving habits and style and wheel alignments.

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