Bud’s Tyres have a superior selection of 4×4 and SUV tyres Burleigh. If you are looking for real 4WD specialists on the Gold Coast, you’ve come to the right place. Chat to a team who lives and breathes off-road driving paired with extensive knowledge on 4×4 and SUV tyres. The majority of our customers own an SUV or 4×4. This means we are constantly getting feedback on the best tyres going around. We will find the best shoe pairing for your vehicle, needs and driving style. Match your terrain to your tyre offering anything from off-road, all terrain, highway terrain and mud terrain tyres, performance SUV tyres, and extreme mud tyres.

Budget Friendly

We look after your budget. Whether you want all the bells and whistles or a tyre that gets you from A to B. Our range of 4WD and SUV tyres is unlimited. Apologies, but we make it pretty damn hard to choose. We are always looking for ways to offer you guys the best discounted tyres on the Gold Coast, this doesn’t mean we deprive you of the good stuff. We have every name in tyre and wheel… just at a reduced cost. From cheap to premium, Bud’s Tyres has everything you need.

The Gold Coast is just too generous, offering us an endless playground of fun from our sandy beaches to rugged bushland. The team at Bud’s Tyres can work with you to find the funnest tyres and impressive set of wheels to suit your driving needs. The journey ahead dictates what style of tyre you need. Simply put, terrain driving is optimised by your choice. This could be anything from brand of tyre to cosmetic features.


SUVs are a bit of a mixed bag (in a good way). They have 4WD driving capabilities such as towing and off-road driving yet often require the features typical of a passenger vehicle. Once again, feel free to chat to our friendly team to ensure you are getting the best tyre for your SUV.

Gold Coast 4WD

Bud’s Tyres Gold Coast 4WD tyres are the best local choice. Our selection of cheap 4X4 tyres Gold Coast and wheels is superior. Check out our all terrain, mud terrain and rugged terrain tyres today.

We live and breathe 4WD everything at Bud’s Tyres. This means our knowledge is extensive and we know all about the best products. If you have a 4WD and you would like to talk to a tyre technician who will use the product they are selling, Bud’s Tyres is the place for you.


Maxxis is simply a great tyre. They are also one of our most popular… for a reason. The product is exceptional quality and covers all 4WD and SUV variables. If you are looking for something for a certain terrain or weather condition we can get it. Maxxis have outlined 4X4 tyres for excellent braking, superb handling, high mileage, outstanding performance and unbeatable traction. We completely stand by this.

Check out our previous blog post on Maxxis here.


Nitto are 4X4 tyre specialists, offering a bigger range of 4X4 tyres over passenger tyres. They are highly popular among our customers and you will see their name splashed all over our social media. Their product offers an adaptable tyre for off-road performance and on-road comfort with all of the variables in-between. Nitto is a tough tyre paired with the latest technology.

Black Bear Tyres Australia

Just like the team at Bud’s Tyres, Black Bear live and breathe 4WD. The company offers an extensive selection of all terrain, mud terrain and rugged terrain tyres. Black Bear have covered everything from superb traction performance to all-season application and a longer lifetime.

High-Performance 4WD Tyres Gold Coast

Bud’s Tyres offer a superior selection of high-performance 4WD tyres on the Gold Coast.

At Bud’s we have the best 4X4 and SUV tyres in the area. Our speciality is 4WD tyres and our knowledge is extensive. From highway tyres, SUV, all-terrain and mud-terrain we know just about everything there is to know. We can find the right 4WD or SUV tyre for your vehicle to get you on the road (or off-road) as quickly as possible.

We have said it once and we will say it again… we are the best 4WD tyre specialists on the Gold Coast. Our selection includes but is not limited to; Black Bear, BFGoodrich, Nitto, Toyo, Kumho and Hankook. 4X4 wheels are also offered to our customers at a budget price even if they are top of the range. Our team can find the perfect pairing of wheels and tyres considering all things from load rating to finishes. Otherwise, you can bring in your own for us to fit for a small fee.


Where will you find our team on the weekends? Off-road. So, you can see why we have a passion for high-performance tyres. Our paired knowledge of our weekend off-road activities and experience in the industry makes us experts.

You can drop by our Burleigh Heads store for a chat or give us a call on 0402666707 to discuss what the best tyre for your vehicle is. Secondly, you can head on over to our Instagram to to check out images of the final product. Whether you are a veteran or just starting out no question is out of question. Ask away!

Don’t forget we also do wheel and tyre packages ranging from budget mud tyres to premium high-performance, quality brands. Strapped for cash? No worries. We also have a selection of finance payment options available including AfterPay and ZipPay.

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