Bud’s Tyres is the best in on the Gold Coast for cheap second hand used tyres. There is an abundance of a selection of used, premium and value-range tyres starting from $29. All of our second-hand tyres are like-new condition.

A great cost alternative to brand new tyres is budget second-hand tyres.

Often individuals upgrade their vehicle with the latest tyre model, leaving their used tyres to us. Near-new tyres from vehicles that have been written off also end up in Bud’s Tyres shop. Secondly, it is a great way to put a quality tyre on your car for a lowered price.

Why not even purchase a second-hand tyre for a spare? At such a great discounted rate it is a good way to save time and a second visit to Bud’s tyres, just to replace your temporary spare. Essentially by doing this, you can drive around until it suits you to come in and upgrade your tyres, whether it be a few months or a year.

What should you look for when purchasing second-hand tyres? You should initially look for evenly worn tread to ensure you tyre lifecycle. Check that the tyres you are buying are legal. All of our tyres sold or fitted are legal. You can find out more about Australian legal parameters for tyres here.

Purchasing used tyres promotes environmental benefits. Too many tyre companies only sell new tyres to make a larger profit, sending the removed tyres from a customer’s vehicle to scrap.

Bud’s Tyres is the place to purchase cheap second-hand tyres. There are very few businesses that offer second-hand tyres to customers. Alternatively, you can purchase your used tyres from a private online seller. You are putting your safety and your passengers at risk by purchasing from such merchants. All of our tyres are at the start of their lifecycle and have been inspected.

Conclusively, Bud’s Tyres is the best store in Burleigh for safe, budget, second-hand tyres. We most likely have what you are looking for in stock.

Gold Coast Cheap Tyres

While we try to get through this difficult time together, we have kept prices low for those struggling in our community. The global pandemic has seen wholesale tyre prices rise yet we have kept them low for our customers. Bud’s Tyres is home to some of the cheapest tyre prices on the Gold Coast. Bud’s Tyres is synonymous with cheap tyres.

Tyre Selection

While we do offer an extensive range of value, budget and second-hand tyres our premium range is not to be forgotten. We offer almost all brands of tyre and can order in just about anything. Our second-hand tyre selection is one of the biggest on the Coast with a cheap price tag. Give us a call and we can order new tyres in or check our inventory of used tyres.

Our competitor’s prices are rising yet ours are consistently low. This is our attempt to wait out the chain reaction of increased material and manufacturing prices across tyres reflective of the pandemic. Our business is still open and we consider ourselves to be extremely lucky. This is why the value of our service has been redefined for our customers to help with their economic situations. By keeping prices low we hope to keep our business open without a large drop in customers and hope to put the money back into the local economy.

We also offer payment methods such as AfterPay and ZipPay if you would prefer to pay for your new tyres or service in installments. Why not give us a call for a quote? We can suggest different tyre brands for your vehicle to align with your budget.

By visiting our team at our Burleigh Heads store you are supporting small businesses and supporting local economic growth by purchasing some of the cheapest tyres on the Gold Coast. Read more on our response to the current economic situation here.

How to Shop for Cheap Tyres

Bud’s is the place to shop for cheap tyres Gold Coast. We have a vast range of budget brand tyres at our Burleigh Heads store. All tyre pricing is fitted, with no extra cost. We keep our profit margin low, unaccompanied from an inflated price tag. Give us a call, and precedingly shop around for price. You will come back! Our prices are only a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Buyers Guide (How to Shop for Gold Coast Cheap Tyres)

Buy second-hand. Our new budget-range of tyres is such good value you may not even need to consider used tyres. However, if you are wanting to upgrade to a more expensive tyre without the expensive tyre price, this is a great option. Our extensive range of second-hand tyres are near new. You may be looking for a high-quality tyre brand that is just out of the budget. Enquire here about used tyre stock at our Gold Coast store.

Do not be afraid to ask for a discount. You may find the big names in tyres have a set price and are not willing to negotiate. You will often find the little guys, like us, will be happy to knock a bit off the price for a friendly face.

Do not go with the cheapest option. If you are looking for a long lasting tyre the absolute cheapest option may not be the best. We have found the lifecycle of the cheapest is often cut short in comparison to a tyre that is only $10 more. What does that mean? You are back in-store sooner than you should be.

Buy more than one tyre at a time. More trips than necessary to change a tyre is a waste of your money and your time.

Shop with Afterpay and ZipPay. We now offer Afterpay and ZipPay in-store on tyres and services. If you need new tyres now that are a bit out of the budget… why not shop now and pay later?

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