At Bud’s tyres our point of difference from other Gold Coast tyre retailers is our range of affordable part worn tyres. Our range and services, paired with our in-store offers presents you with the best priced tyres on the Coast. So, why wouldn’t our already cost effective second hand tyres be even further discounted?

We believe in complete transparency within our business for our customers. We don’t offer your typical “buy 3 tyres and get 1 free deal” and similar. All deals as such are marking up your tyres so you believe you are getting a discounted price when really, you are just paying what you would have without the so called ‘discount’. Our method is simple. Honesty. We may not offer you elusive jaw dropping specials but try and find cheaper tyres anywhere else. We dare you. Our profit margin is low and we truely are giving our customers the best price. We are a budget tyre retailer offering used, budget, mid-range premium, performance and light truck tyres. Our discounted pricing does not compromise on quality, performance or service.

Preowned Tyre Range

Whilst we have a large range of second hand tyres just waiting for a second chance at life, we do have limited storage space in our Burleigh Heads Warehouse. Therefore, we can only select and store the best. Our second-hand selection is like new.

Second Hand 4WD Tyres

As we are the 4X4 specialists, it only makes sense our 4X4 range is elite. We are partnered with Gold Coast Patrols and Mechanical and primarily source used 4WD Tyres. New 4WD tyres have a higher price point so it is worth checking in with us to see what you are after to save.

Current Oversupply

We are currently experiencing an oversupply of second hand tyres. This means we are offering further discounts on our entire second hand tyre range.

Why Shop Part Worn?

If you are budget conscious part worn tyres are generally the best option for you and your vehicle.

We can’t ignore the fact that they do have a shorter lifespan. There are plenty of dodgy tyre retailers in Australia pushing unsafe used tyres to make a quick dollar. Purchasing second hand tyres should be done with a little bit of tyre knowledge and should always be inspected for structural damage and reduced tread depth. If purchasing from an individual seller or tyre retailer always inspect the tyre before you commit to it and it may also be a good idea to measure the tread depth yourself and look for uneven wear.

Safety and customer service are built within the DNA of our business. We are a locally-owned business and strive to do the right thing by our customers and take full accountability for our service and product. Most road-worthy used tyres are turned away. We only select and source near-new tyres to resell. While most near-new tyres should not have any underlying issues, we still carefully inspect them. Our inspection process includes age, origin, brand, internal structural damage, uneven wear, surface wear and tread depth. When sourcing tyres we only source locally and will not commit to a tyre unless we inspect it, in person.

There are many benefits to purchasing a set of second hand tyres, permitted that they are near-new. You can often save a considerable amount and even get a better mid-range or premium tyre for a fraction of the cost.

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