Bud’s Tyres Gold Coast Burleigh is your one stop shop for all things tyres and wheels. Bud’s Tyres are cheap tyres. Our convenient location services the entire Gold Coast. Not only is Burleigh Heads positioned in the centre of the Coast, but is a hub for industry and retail.

Burleigh Heads industrial precinct is home to a number of tyre shops. This means competition for our little business.

So, what does this mean for you? Quality tyres at a low cost.

Not only do we stock a range of budget, mid-range and premium tyres and wheels, our prices are low across each range. If you find a better price let us know. The low price tag across our range of tyres, wheels and services does not we lack in other departments. Our customer service, communication, product knowledge and customer experience is superior.

Our strong customer base is what keeps us going. We are here to help. This is proven through our seamless 5 and 4.9 star customer ratings across numerous online platforms such as Google and Facebook.

Common feedback we receive references our low prices and customer service. Bud’s tyres is synonymous with great value, great prices, quick service, efficiency and communication.

Go have a look for yourself here on Google Reviews.

West Burleigh Tyres

Bud’s Tyres are the cheapest West Burleigh Tyres. We stock a large range of second-hand, budget, mid-range and premium tyres for all vehicles. Bookings are a breeze and our convenient location right off both the M1 and Gold Coast Highway is more of a reason to visit.

West Burleigh, Burleigh Beach, Burleigh Waters Robina, Varsity Lakes, Reedy Creek, Miami and Palm Beach are suburbs within a 5 minute drive to our store. James Street, Burleigh Industrial Area, Tree Tops Shopping Plaza, Robina Town Centre and Stockland’s are also within a 5 minute drive.

Bud’s Tyres is synonymous with convenient and cheap. Customers make comments daily regarding how cheap tyres really are. The last thing we would do to our customers is mislead them. So when we say we are one of the cheapest stores on the Gold Coast, we really are. It is shame customers are so surprised that we practice what we preach. There is no false advertising here. Our second-hand range aligns with our budget pricing. However, we also stock a range of mid-range and premium tyres away from a heightened price tag. If we don’t already have them in stock we probably can order them in.

Before border closures we had a large customer base from Northern NSW and the Northern end of the Gold Coast. Why is this? Our prices are worth travelling for.

We will most likely price match or even beat our competitors price! If travelling to our shop is easier and more convent for you, give us a call. We can let you know if we can beat a price on the spot.

Our Reviews Don’t Lie!

Check out some of our customer reviews online to help you make an informed decision upon your selection.

Our Convenient Location

1/11 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads.

Australian Owned and Independently Run Tyres

Why Shop Australian Owned and Independently Run Tyres?

Why wouldn’t you want to shop Australian owned tyres? This means there is more money injected into the economy and an increase in jobs for Australians. While most product sold as a tyre retailer is made overseas, it must align with Australia’s high manufacturing standards.

Bud’s Tyres is an independently owned business. Firstly, this means we are free from outside influence. Secondly, this means we can focus on the things that matter. Independent businesses such as Bud’s are often flexible when you ask what you want. Quality of product and traceability are transparent when you shop independent. Independently run means you may get an opportunity to talk with business owner. Ultimately, they can answer the hard questions. They can outlay what informed decisions were made with a supply chain, sustainability and fair treatment of workers in mind. Therefore, at Bud’s Tyres we are happy to decode pricing and share with you our supply chain.

Why Shop Local?

Ultimately, by spending money locally you are reducing your environmental impact, get better service, increase available jobs in your area. Secondly, you enforce the values of community by creating a unique shopping experience and strengthen local government.

Why Shop at Burleigh Heads?

Our Location, Burleigh Heads, is the home of some of the best locally-owned businesses on the Coast. If you shop within your neighbourhood that money is being injected directly back into your direct community. Secondly, Burleigh Heads is the location of many independent boutique businesses. You can check off a few things on your ‘to-do list’ with such great variety of local retailers.

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