Bud’s Tyres Burleigh offer repair services from tyre puncture repairs to fitting a new set of wheels and tyres. Bud’s is ultimately your one-stop shop for all things tyres. Need vehicle repair services? We can direct you to our big brother business, Gold Coast Patrols and Mechanical, just up the road.

Why shop with Bud’s?

If you are wanting to shop local in Burleigh Heads, why choose us over the many other stores in the area? Essentially, our prices are cheap and we will go above and beyond to look after our customers. Vehicle turnover is quick and you shouldn’t be waiting for too long. When you shop at Bud’s Tyres, you are making an investment in your community that is the Gold Coast. One’s shopping experience at Bud’s Tyres is unique, a personal experience lacking in most large scale companies.

Conversely, you may find Burleigh to be conveniently situated just off the M1 and Gold Coast Highway perfect for surrounding suburbs:

Palm Beach, Miami, Currumbin, and Currumbin Waters, Tugun, Coolangatta, Tallebudgera, Reedy Creek, Varsity Lakes, Robina, Mudgeeraba, Clear Island Waters, Mermaid and Mermaid Waters, Broadbeach, and Broadbeach Waters.

Where are we located?

Our store is opposite Tree Tops Shopping Plaza in the Burleigh Industrial Estate. This means we are only a few minutes away from Stocklands Shopping Centre, James Street, the M1, and the Gold Coast Highway.

What tyre repair services do we offer?

When can I come in?

90% of the time we can order your tyres in-store to be fitted the following business day. That means no ridiculous waiting times. Let us know a time and date that works for your tyre repair service. Otherwise, feel free to pop in to ask any questions.

Supporting Small Gold Coast Businesses

Here at Bud’s we value your support during this difficult time. We commend you for supporting small Gold Coast Businesses. The ideals of shopping locally do not align with the background of most of the big names in tyres across the Gold Coast. Our location, Burleigh Heads, is the home of some of the best locally-owned businesses on the Coast. A local economic stimulus is what is needed during this global pandemic to keep money circulating in the community.

Ultimately, by spending money locally you are reducing your environmental impact, get better service, increase available jobs in your area, enforce the values of community by creating a unique shopping experience, strengthen local government and help the family and owners behind the businesses succeed. Buying local keeps 4 times the amount of money in the local economy compared to shopping at a chain store.

Community wellbeing is at the forefront of our businesses. We hope to come out better and stronger in 2021 with more to offer to our customers. We are doing our part to support our surrounding businesses during this difficult time so they can also grow as a business in 2021. Small local businesses have the largest number of employees in Australia. Without these businesses, we would lack diversity, unity and unique services.

We plan to stay open as an essential service. This is the perfect time to do some life maintenance as mechanical and car services are still operating. That means when this is all over everything and your to-do list has been checked off you can focus on the things that matter.

Investing in Your Car Tyre

We all want the best of everything. Quality, product life and appearance are the attributes we look for when purchasing material goods. Is the investment worth it in purchasing new wheels for your ride? Or should you just go with the cheaper option because it essentially does the same job?

Bud’s Tyres have a range of budget value and premium tyres in store and to order. Our second-hand and budget tyres are of high quality and follow high safety standards. However, we recommend investing in an even higher quality of tyre. Vehicle performance is at its best when paired with the right tyre. Premium range tyres are made with a high quality of rubber and engineered tread patterns for optimal performance. The durability of a high-end tyre is a dream and you may find yourself saving money in the future.

Premium tyres are not for everyone. Cost is a large factor and fancy new tyres may not be in the budget for some individuals. Luckily, you can’t go wrong with value tyres as there is such a large selection. Australia has high resale requirements and safety standards to ensure no matter what tyre you buy, you are not putting yourself at risk.

You can go over-the-top with premium value tyres in ensuring the safety of you and your passengers. This is not a negative. A superior range of tyres is worth investing in due to heightened traction and vehicle performance and successively, safety. Second-hand tyres are a great alternative if you wish to purchase a higher-end tyre for a cheaper price.

Are high-performance tyres for everyone? No.

Depending on where you are travelling to and from you may not need to spend an unorthodox amount on new wheels. If you are travelling a minimal amount at low speeds and in preferred weather conditions you may go with a budget-range tyre. If you are driving either driving long distances, at fast speeds, off-road or in compromised conditions you may want to invest.

Burleigh Heads Small Tyre Business: Why Local is Best

The sense of community is the backbone of Burleigh Heads. When you shop at Bud’s Tyres, you are making an investment in your community that is the Gold Coast. Ones shopping experience at Bud’s Tyres is unique, a personal experience lacking in most large scale companies. Upon leaving the Burleigh Heads store you will know each name of the few workers and form a partnership upon your next visit. We will look after our community and returning customers. Centrally surrounded by Burleigh Waters, Miami, Palm Beach, Currumbin and Elanora… arguably one of the best and cheapest small tyre businesses in the area.

As a start-up, we have seen a substantial number of returning customers aligning with the number of initial customers within the first few months of the business opening. This indicates that most of our customer base have been satisfied with our service, tyre quality, and pricing.

You may have heard of Movin’ Mobile Mechanical or GC Patrols owned by Buddy. Also based in Burleigh Heads, Bud’s Tyres is the little brother business. Uniquely, Bud’s Tyres is owned by two Burleigh Heads brothers, Buddy and Guy. The brothers have grown up in Burleigh Heads and have a refined understanding of what their local community wants and needs.

Why Shop Local?

  • Personal investment in ones community
  • Your neighbor knows best
  • Better customer service
  • Elevate the economy of Burleigh Heads. And successively… the Gold Coast.
  • Service with a passion
  • You make a difference
  • Local can often be cheaper

Let’s make the Gold Coast an even better place and Burleigh Heads an even stronger community. The brothers at Bud’s Tyres will go above and beyond for your vehicle and may even get you excited to come in and buy a new set of tyres.

Thanks for reading Burleigh Heads Small Tyre Business: Why Local is Best

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