gender reveal burnout tyres gold coast

Gender Reveal Burnout Gold Coast

A pink or blue smoke coloured burnout is the ultimate gender reveal for car enthusiasts. What a memorable way to reveal the gender of you baby to your family and friends. This highly anticipated moment will become even more exciting and thrilling with such a unique gender revel. 

Coloured Smoke Tyres

So, how does a gender revel burnout work?

A cloud of pink or blue smoke will fill the air after a burnout. Powder is painted onto tyres and will appear purple. Customers often purchase this product online and fit their tyres. You can also purchase two tyres already painted in a selected colour. We recommend you do this to the two back tyres. Check out this video of an epic gender reveal!

Do it yourself!

You can purchase bags to attach to your back tyres online and fit at home. Therefore, this powder will not be painted onto the tyre and is held in a black bag. You can buy something similar here. 

We suggest you purchase a higher quality product to ensure the best result. There is nothing worse than cheaper products ruining your special reveal. 

Be Safe! 

Always be safe when performing a burnout. This should be done on a private property away from others and bushland. We do not encourage you to do anything illegal or dangerous. This should be done by a professional in a suitable vehicle. Permits or exemptions may be available depending on your location. You should always purchase a non-toxic product. 

Any Questions?

Give us a call or visit us in-store for any further questions about your gender reveal!



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