At Bud’s Tyres we stock an endless list of the big names in tyres. We stock Bridgestone tyres, right here in Burleigh Heads. Bridgestone are a trusted name in tyres, synonymous with quality, safety and innovation. They offer a range of tyres to suit your vehicle, driving style and needs. They are number #1 for a reason for passenger vehicles, SUVs and light trucks.

Luckily, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to tyres. Bridgestone however, is a name in the industry you know you can trust. They make the first step of choosing which tyre brand you are after, easy. Their product is focused on fuel efficiency, longevity and advanced technology. Product testing is elite and they not only keep up with global safety standards, they surpass them.

Tyre models start at budget pricing to premium range with a reasonable price tag. Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle and needs is made easy with Bridgestone. Their technologies target specific requirements such as fuel economy, noise free rides, weather and/or driving conditions, comfort, performance, special use (high-speed or off-road) and luxury.


Bridgestone’s founder Shojiro Ishibashi endeavoured to create a company dedicated to “serving society with superior quality.” The dream of Bridgestone is to become a leader in Sustainable Mobility and Advanced Solutions while leveraging the unique strength and breadth of its core tyres and rubber business. Their mission outlines the following:

Integrity and Teamwork

Adhering to moral and ethical principles in all actions. This emphasis on integrity fosters a company culture that respects a diversity of skills, backgrounds and life experiences.

Creative Pioneering

Never settling for the status quo. Constantly challenging and developing new innovations that will respond to customer needs and further benefit society.

Informed Decision Making

Investing the time and effort necessary to verify facts. Use these observations to make informed decisions that lead to the best possible outcomes.

Thorough Planning and Decisive Action

Commitment to excellence drives Bridgestone to consider all options and the full range of possibilities before determining course of action.

Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd was established in the city of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan in 1931 with full-fledged tyre production beginning at newly-constructed Kurume Plant in 1934. As Japan’s automobile industry grew, The Bridgestone Group expanded its business to become Japan’s largest tire manufacturer. The company also actively expanded overseas, particularly in Asia. In 1988, the company merged The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company, a well respected global corporation with a venerable history of its own. This transformed Bridgestone into one of the world’s largest tire and rubber companies and created a global team dedicated to serving customers worldwide with the highest level of quality, service and technology.

Bridgestone at Bud’s

At Bud’s Tyres we only want you driving around in a good quality tyre. This is why we are huge supporters of the company. Whilst other brands may have all the bells and whistles, may be slightly cheaper or offer something a little bit different, Bridgestone have it all. They advocate for simplicity paired with the latest technology, quality and durability. Buy purchasing a set of Bridgestone tyres you are assured you are investing in a tyre that will do the job plus a little bit more for a reasonable price. Security and safety is ensured.

Bud’s Tyres are committed to excellence and so are Bridgestone. We are proud stockists of a diverse collection of the range from passenger tyres to high-performance. We have what you need. Of course we stock Dueler, Turanza, Ecopia and Potenza but there is oh so much more in-store. If you want it we can get it. Spoilt for choice? Check out the best rated Bridgestone Tyres here. Otherwise, give us a call or pop in to our Burleigh Heads store.

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