Looking for the budget tyres Gold Coast? Look no further. Tyre Fitting is included in our tyre price! At Bud’s Tyres there is no hidden cost. Tyre fitting alone will cost $30-$50 in-store if you already have your own tyres. Fitting is hassle free and you can even get your own tyres sent to our store for storage a day or two prior.

Best Price Tyre Fitting

Tyre fitting is free with purchase of any tyre/s and from only $30 with your outsourced or BYO tyres. There are no hidden fees if you purchase your tyres somewhere else.

Does fitting include balancing?


Bud’s take bookings! Firstly, we want your tyres to be fitted in the quickest possible time. Secondly, we do not overlap bookings so you can be out the door in about 45 minutes stress free.

Unlike your average tyre fitting store, we operate 6 days a week. This means you can have your tyres fitted on Saturday!

Our fitting station must approve your tyres for a third party fitting. This means we will double check your tyres are safe and suitable for your vehicle. Therefore, they must align with regulations, vehicle requirements, manufacture faults, damage. Your safety is our priority. We may not fit second-hand tyres if they are not safe for our roads. We offer a free safety tyre check if you wish to bring your BYO tyres in-store before you make a booking if you have any concerns.

AfterPay and ZipPay make payment even easier. Check out all there is to know about AfterPay and ZipPay in-store payments here.

Bud’s Tyres have the best price tyre fitting Gold Coast and Burleigh Heads. Therefore, all of our services such as tyre fitting or wheel alignments are set at a budget price and are highly competitive. In conclusion, this means you pay less for a premium service and expertise knowledge. We have all the resources in-store that you will ever need.

Why Choose Bud’s Tyres?

Bud’s Tyres is a locally owned small business based on the Gold Coast, in Burleigh Heads. Established by two brothers, Buddy and Guy, the values of Bud’s Tyres is deeply rooted in the sense of community synonymous with Burleigh Heads.

We will look after you.

As your business is highly valued, no request is too little or too big. Your visit to Bud’s Tyres ensures complete transparency from the first form of contact to your departure paired with a new set of wheels, from our Burleigh Heads store. Honesty and reliability are attributes at the forefront of our business. You can easily give Bud’s Tyres a call on 0402666707 for a direct response, or send a text or Facebook message to make your mind up with ease in your own time. The store couldn’t be in a more accessible position in Burleigh heads, situated along Hutchinson Drive, just off the M1 Highway and directly opposite the Tree Tops Shopping Plaza.

Bud’s Tyres offers a range of services including wheel alignments and wheel balancing. However, nothing can beat the high standard of budget value tyres, premium and second-hand tyres offered inclusive of all budgets and requirements. Selective tyre brands include: Black Bear, Bridgestone, Goodride, Michelin, Kumho, Minerva, and Pirellli. You can personalise your request to suit your vehicle… just let the boys know what you need. If you’re looking for a local, down to earth team who are efficient, honest & reliable then book in today.

Our partner, Gold Coast Patrols and Mechanical offer the widest range of patrol parts worldwide. Why not pair a much-needed service or upgrade to your vehicle following your visit to Bud’s Tyres? We will happily look after you by getting you the best quote around and arrange your visit to Gold Coast Patrols.

New Tyres and Wheels

You can find brand new tyres and wheels Gold Coast at Bud’s Tyres in Burleigh Heads. The booking process is simple. Contact us with your desired tyre size, brand and available times. We can give you an instant quote on the phone or get back to you via text message and book you in. We can instantly order in your tyre for next day delivery ready for your appointment. Appointments are encouraged to make the process as seamless as possible for you but we sporadically accept walk-ins. To replace 4 tyres it will take around 45 minutes.

We have a number of stockists within QLD on standby for next day delivery to get you back on the road as quick as possible. Our interstate deliveries arrive within a day or so. What this means is we have a large selection of available tyres and can order almost anything in for you. Secondly, this means our price range is accomodating for quality cheap tyres and high-performing premium range tyres. You should be able to find what you want within your prospective price range.

While our second-hand range may be a great alternative, our new tyres and wheels are great prices to. Buying new tyres means they last that little bit longer and the technology might just be a little bit newer.

All of our new tyres are respected, quality brands. So if you are looking for budget, mid-range or premium new tyres or wheels we have got you covered.

Tyre Buying Tips

Whether you are looking to buy tyres locally in Burleigh Heads or are willing to travel around the Gold Coast for the best price, here are our Gold Coast tyre buying tips.

Shop around. That extra twenty minutes could end up saving you a large amount of cash. Do not be afraid to call up and ask for a quote from a selection of Gold Coast tyre businesses. Why are we telling you this rather than directing you just to come to us? We know our price list is unbeatable. Our prices are so low that half of our clientele travel from Northern NSW for a bargain.

Ask Questions

Ask questions. Maybe you do not need a new set of tyres but simply a tyre rotation. We will happily look at your tyres and recommend the best and cheapest option. You may be looking for a more suitable tyre based on your driving style and requirements, but do not know your options. We can help. Our expert advice is invaluable.

Consider second-hand tyres. You may want a premium tyre at a low cost. This could be a great cost alternative with only a few Gold Coast tyre stores selling used tyres, including Bud’s Tyres.

Shop locally. Burleigh Heads is highly competitive reflective of the high number of tyre services offered in the area. Always ask for a better price and often, you will find that your local store will be happy to oblige. Nothing compares to the personal touch of shopping locally. It’s the little things and attention to detail that make local tyres shops stand out.

Support the little guys. You will find that smaller businesses have the time of day to have a chat, will offer endless advice, and genuinely appreciate your business. They will often go the extra mile to make you happy.

Tyre Comparisons Gold Coast

Tyre comparisons Gold Coast: Choosing the most suitable set of wheels at the right store can make a big difference in the budget. Bud’s Tyres is at your disposal. Our Burleigh Heads store, 1/11 Ern Harley Drive, is a short distance from the M1 and parallel to Christine Avenue. Our team of experts are here to answer all of your queries and give you an instant quote to reflect your budget.

When looking for tyre comparisons Gold Coast, we have systems in place to instantly compare a range of second-hand tyres, value range and premium new tyres for your vehicle. The best part? ALL Tyres are affordable and surpass your expectations for budget pricing. Secondly, our knowledge and customer reviews can often illuminate key tyre attributes the internet cannot.

What to consider in choosing the most suitable set of wheels.

Firstly, we can offer you an educated and unbiased tyre comparison from our Gold Coast store.

  • Driving style and what your needs are
  • Off-road, highways, mixed or irregular driving patterns
  • Noise
  • Price: new or second-hand tyres
  • Wear
  • Grip vs Durability
  • Car tyre codes
  • Performance
  • Brand
  • Reviews

Tyre Comparisons Gold Coast Chart

Second-Hand Tyres

All brands

Value/Budget Range Tyres

Aplus, Rapid, Hilo, Winrun, Goform, Royal Black, Wideway, ilink, Greenlander, Austone, Goldway, Good Ride

Premium Range Tyres

Michelin, Bridgestone, Toyo, Nitto. Good Year, Pirelli, Continental

4WD Tyres

Black Bear, Maxxis, BFGoodrich, Good Year, Nitto

So… can’t find what you are looking for? Need more information? Give us a call on 0402666707… we most likely can order it in!

For a basic interactive guide on tyre comparisons, you can visit this website.

And… The Logistics

Bud’s Tyres Location: 1/11 Ern Harley Drive, Burleigh Heads.

Bud’s Tyres Contact Number: 0402666707

Bud’s Tyres Opening Hours: We are open Monday 8:30am-5:30pm through to Friday, and open Saturday 8:30am-12:00pm

We look forward to your visit!

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