How long do tyres last? 40,000km is the standard answer. Well, we are here to inform you that is not always the case. Have you ever wondered why tyre manufactures cannot offer a warranty around longevity? It is because they do not know. Tyre longevity is entirely dependent on the driver, quality and behaviour. These variables range from driving habits to tyre pressure and climate.

Living by the 40,000km rule is not something we recommend at Bud’s Tyres. It can be a great guide however you should be monitoring your tyre health at all times. You may find yourself checking into a tyre retailer much sooner than your tyres require. Conversely, checking into a retailer too late could put you and your passengers at risk.

Quality is big. Sometimes it is worth investing in a mid-range or premium tyre to increase tyre lifespan. While a mid-range or premium tyre offers better features and performance, they are also built to last. That doesn’t mean budget is bad. If you choose a budget tyre and appropriately monitor tyre health, you may very well get that 40,000km lifespan. The good thing for you is the tyre industry is getting more and more competitive meaning the latest tyres are cheaper and higher quality.

We believe driving habits is the number one contribution to tyre condition. Braking, cornering, terrain, load of vehicle, rapid acceleration, irresponsible driving, rigid movement and speed are all factors that will determine if you make it to that 40,000km. If you are an aggressive driver it is unlikely that you will get the most out of your tyres. Other variables may include tyre pressure, climate, alignment and balance.

You can stop into Bud’s Tyres at any time for a free tyre health check. Otherwise, what can you do? Monitoring tyre pressure, tread depth, uneven wear, be mindful of driving behaviour and consider the factors mentioned in the preceding text.

Asking a professional when purchasing new tyres to reflect your driving requirements can also be a great move.

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