keeping car bills low

Cars are so convenient but when the bills pile up, you may just want to hop on public transport and never look back. While the Gold Coast transport system does cover a lot of ground, it just doesn’t do the job. When you are up against rapidly increasing fuel prices and traffic congestion, insurance, maintenance and registration fees, how can one alleviate the burden? Here are a few tips and tricks in keeping car bills low.

Invest in Good Tyres

Generally, the more expensive the tyre, the more you will get out of it. By investing in a good tyre you can save money over time by pushing forward your next visit to Bud’s Tyres.

Invest in the Beginning

You should be conscious of the demand your vehicle has on your budget, not just when you purchase the car. For example, a smaller car will cost less in fuel with reduced registration bills.


Shop around for the best insurance deals on a yearly basis. While your policy may be the best around one year, it may not be the next. Spending a bit of extra time finding a policy that is right for you and your driving habits will make a huge contribution over time.

Fuel on a Budget

Find out where your cheapest, local petrol station and make the extra effort. You can also plan ahead to coordinate filling up when you are travelling in another suburb at an even cheaper petrol station. While this may not seem significant, over time you will save. Rewards are not hard to find. Shopping at Woolworths or purchasing roadside assistance with RACQ will leave you with discount cards or coupons to use when you fill up. Find out your local fuel prices here.

Plan your Journey

If you can fit in a few extra stops on your way to and from work, this will save you having to leave your house for one task. This could be anything from food shopping on your way home from work or dropping a package off to the post office.

Fuel Economy

Tyre maintenance directly relates to fuel economy. Maintain your tyre pressure so tyres are not under or over-inflated causing a drag effect on your vehicle. You might want to book in for a wheel alignment or balance to alleviate the demand on your vehicle.

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