How tyres respond to your driving

How do tyres respond to your driving? Does where and how you drive really effect tyre wear? Bud’s Tyres are here to answer all of your questions as to why your tyres last or wear out quicker than most. It can be a good idea to let us know where and how you drive so we can fit the appropriate tyres. For example, if you live on a farm in Currumbin Valley situated along an a irregular road surface, you may need a different style of tyre completely.

If you want the longest lifecycle from your tyre it is best to invest in a good quality tyre. Poor quality tyres may do the job but will wear a lot quicker than an alternative tyre.

Bad driving habits significantly contribute to the wear of your tyres. There are more important reasons as to why you shouldn’t speed than a shortened tyre lifecycle. Number one is the safety of you and your passengers, and additionally the cars around you. However, speeding will wear your tyres dye to the heat produced from a consistently higher speed.

Where you drive is one of the main factors of tyre wear. Driving off-road is one example of rough and unexpected terrain that may cause harm to your tyres. Furthermore, driving off-road without appropriate tyres is not ideal. Poorly maintained road surfaces paired with questionable driving will rapidly wear your tyres. Potholes can put your wheels out of alignment and therefore lead to uneven tyre wear. Unexpected objects can also compromise your tyre quality.

Wheel alignments and wheel balancing are a must do to ensure tyre wear is even. Tyre rotation will ensure you consistently maintain all four tyres.

Neglecting tyre health will compromise your safety and the longevity of your tyres. Make sure you periodically check your tread depth and inflation.

Other things to be mindful of are slamming on your brakes and load of your vehicle.

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